How do people find my site ?
[We submit all web sites and also web ads with a contract of six months or more to the 15-20 major Internet and Agricultural search engines such as Yahoo, Excite, Webcrawler, AltaVista, Agrifind, ALOT, etc…These search engines are like the card index in a library. You look up the topic at their site and they return all of the pages in the world that have something to do with the topic that you requested. We also maintain links to customers at the Sidey Angus weather & links page. This site currently averages 45-90 different visitors each day. Another good way to advertise your site is with your current print or advertising campaign. Mention at the bottom of a print ad or business card that your web site is at (www.cattle1.com/yourranch) Start looking at local business ads, television ads, etc.. many end with check our web site at (www.com), these comments are becoming the rule. ]

How do people view my pages ?
[Your pages are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (depending on your length of contract) to anyone around the world with access to the Internet. We design your pages for optimum viewing for both Internet Explorer v2.and above and Netscape Navigator v.2 and above.Your pages will be stored on a high performance Silicon Graphics web server to serve web pages with lightning speed. These servers are connected to the Internet via multiple T3 connections (45 Mb/s each!) on separate and diverse backbones (UUnet, MCI, Sprint) for redundancy and balanced workloads. They are monitored for backbone performance and automatically send IP traffic down the shortest path using the Cisco BGP4 protocol. You can rest assured that your hosted web site will be fast, responsive, and reliable.]

Do you offer dial up Internet access ?
[No, you will need local Internet access in order to browse your web site and retrieve email addressed to your site. By providing design & hosting services only, we do not have hundreds of modems to maintain, enabling us to devote more time to keeping up with new design trends and techniques. We do offer email forwarding and can offer POP email accounts for reasonable rates on request.]

What is a web ad ?
[Web ads are a single web page Internet ad for your farm or business. It is a good way to get your presence started on the Internet. Basically, if you can fit your information & photos/logos on an 8.5 x 11 inch print ad, it will fit on a web ad. These ads are for six months prepaid and there is a 10% discount for yearly prepaid contracts. These ads can also be upgraded to full sites as your web presence grows. Click here to see a sample]

What is the difference between Angus1, Cattle1 and Plus2.com ?
[The only difference is in their respective names. Think of them as three telephone numbers going into the same house. They all go to the same place but the numbers (in this case names) are different. The advantage to this is that you can choose the name you want to use in the site hosted by us. Angus breeders would probably prefer angus1, other cattle breeders perhaps cattle1, etc… Click on these. http://angus1.com/sideyangus/ . or . http://cattle1.com/sideyangus/ . They all go to the same page but the address is different.]

What is 1 Megabyte of Web Space Anyhow ?
[A page of black text on a white background with no photos or graphics is about 5-11K in size. You could fit around 100-200 pages in 1 Mb. The average HTML page on the Internet today is said to be around 100-120K, one divides this into 1 Megabyte and gets 8-10 pages including some graphics – a good sized Web Site. Now, if you wish to use numerous photos, animations or music, you’ll find that 1 Meg is like water. It flows away very fast. We now are able to use new software and coding to minimize our files and graphics to the point that we can get about 15-20 pages per megabyte. A lot still depends on the size of the page and how many graphics and photos are used. Audio files are currently the largest consumers of design space. Some audio files can take as much space as a large web page with numerous graphics on it. The Sidey Angus Online & Van Dyke Angus Ranch Web Sites are similar in size(about 1.5 – 1.6 Mb each) Click on the underlined names to visit them and get a better feel for this amount of space.]

What is a Domain Name ?
[Domain Names, sometimes called Virtual names, are the (www.com) type names that are your own address on the world wide web. Example (www.yourname.com) For comparison, we have three hosting options, If your name was Turner Angus, our basic hosting plan would give you the Internet address of (www.angus1.com/turner) where the domain name plans would give you the address of (www.turner.com)

The domain name plans differ by whether you require additional E-mail accounts to be set-up at your domain. E-mail fowarding is included in all plans.]

What is the difference in cost ?
[Domain names have a higher monthly charge due to dedicated server space for your domain, Plan 1 is currently $30 per month and plan 2 with 5 Pop-3 e-mail accounts is $45 per month. Domain names are a first come, first served item and must be registered with a US government agent called the Internic. If your chosen name is still available, there is a one time $175 charge for name registration and server setup, covering the first two years of name registration. The Internic currently charges an annual fee of $50 after the first two years. Remember that these charges are only if you want your own Domain name. They do not apply if you choose to use plus2.com, cattle1.com or angus1.com as your hosting site.]